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San Francisco, CA 2023

EquitiesIQ Life Sciences Series

Join Us at JPM 2023 for the EquitiesIQ Life Sciences Series

The EquitiesIQ Life Sciences Series provides companies with a unique opportunity to capture and distribute compelling video content. We work with participants to capture high-quality video of their presentation, as well as a short interview with the presenter, which are then edited for maximum impact and made available to watch on-demand. Register today to guarantee your spot.

San Francisco, CA Studio

  • Event: EquitiesIQ Life Sciences Series
  • Dates: January 10 & 11, 2023
  • Location: 144 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA

Expert Video Production + Targeted Awareness

EquitiesIQ works with clients to capture high-quality videos of their presentations, and short interviews with the presenter, which are then edited for maximum impact and made available to watch on-demand. We optionally distribute the videos via tickerized press releases (videos appear within the body of the press releases) as well as via LinkedIn and email to our subscribers and partners.

Presentation Videos

As part of your participation, EquitiesIQ will capture footage that will be used to create one or two videos.

Quick Take

Summarizes the investment opportunity in a “rundown” format lasting 2-3 minutes. Focuses on what is exciting about the Company including recent and upcoming catalysts.

View Sample Announcement

Full Presentation

Sample Video Published November 4, 2021

Provides an in-depth overview of the business in approximately 20 minutes. Edited to highlight corporate leadership and presentation materials.

View Sample Announcement

Event Awareness Initiatives

EquitiesIQ reaches both institutional and self-directed investors through a myriad of awareness initiatives.

Press Releases

Tickerized and indexed by major financial media portals


Uploaded to LinkedIn and promoted among a targeted audience


Distributed to EquitiesIQ Intelligence Service subscribers


Available on-demand to maximize accessibility

Optimized for Search

Indexed by search engines to attract targeted traffic

Showcase Your Company in a Unique and Compelling Format

EquitiesIQ offers multiple video formats to showcase your company in a unique and compelling way. Presenters have the option to capture a full presentation, a short interview (Quick Take), or both.

Quick Take + Full Presentation


Quick Take


Full Presentation


About EquitiesIQ

The founders of EquitiesIQ have spent more than a decade perfecting a platform that makes it easy and affordable for companies to produce and disseminate high-quality event video content. We are seasoned team with a passion for storytelling and experience working with C-level executives to develop video marketing solutions for investors, corporate stakeholders, customers, and media. We take the time to understand your business, messaging, and strategic objectives prior to every presentation. This, combined with our deep expertise in investor relations, corporate communications, and marketing, allows us to deliver a value-centric product and awareness opportunity.

Experienced Client Services Team

Tim Young

Tim Young is an experienced video producer and editor and the owner of Executive Video, a corporate production company that develops video content for corporate clients. Mr. Young brings a passion for storytelling and experience working with C-level executives to optimally utilize video to deliver results for companies, investors, and other stakeholders.

Nicholas Hatsiandrou

Nicholas Hatsiandrou is a seasoned financial professional who brings his multi-dimensional experience in corporate & strategic development to EquitiesIQ. Previously, Mr. Hatsiandrou served as a Vice President of Gordian Consultants, a full-service financial consulting practice operating in the financial services and real-estate sectors. Prior to Gordian, he was part of the Investment Banking team at Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co. (FBR), a leading underwriter of common stock for companies valued at $1 billion and under.

Doug Cress

Doug Cress applies his deep knowledge of media and communications to best serve client companies. Since 2011, he has served as the principal of Cress & Company, a communications advisory firm serving technology and life sciences companies. Previously, Mr. Cress served at Diversified Worldwide Holdings (DWH), the corporate venturing arm of Global Advertising Strategies. Mr. Cress came to DWH from, a research firm offering intelligence to investors in the medical device and life sciences industry.